Element24 is a UK based horological micro-brand, started by two friends and industrial designers; Ben & David

We designed the watch that we would want to own, a refined simplicity that would age well, built from materials designed to last.  A project that started out as purely fun, quickly gained momentum when we thought; why don’t we just make them?

We have over 20 years experience in industrial design, having brought hundreds of products to life.  Our expertise ranges from medical devices, to furniture, tooling, and consumer goods.  We work with manufacturers around the world to develop ideas into physical objects.  Element24 was our outlet to make something completely unique, and substantial.

We create watches using materials and finishing techniques that are not normally found in this price range. Going the normal route doesn’t have much interest to us, we prefer to make something special.  If you buy one of our watches we think you will agree.

We offered the watches on Kickstarter to crowdfund the initial stock.  The campaign was a great success and we gained some great support from new friends, and even without a large marketing push we succeeded and our micro-brand was born.

Since then we have sent Element24 watches across the world, enjoying success through word of mouth.  If you have one of our watches, the chances are that you will get asked where you got it.

Ultimately, we hope you enjoy wearing our watches as much as we enjoy designing them.

Ben & David