Frequently Asked Questions

Setting the Time

When the watch is brand new the movement is not connected to the hands. To do this remove the plastic spacer and push the crown into the case, and the hands will start turning.

To set the time pull out the crown and rotate until the correct time is reached. Push it back in to engage the movement.

IMPORTANT. The watch is only water resistant when the crown is pushed all the way into the case.

Changing the Straps

Element24 watch straps are made with quick release pins which means they can be changed easily without the use of tools.

To remove a strap compress the silver pin towards the middle of the strap, and lift that side away from the watch.

To attach a strap place the fixed end of the pin into the hole in the case. Then compress the silver pin whilst gently pushing the strap into the case. The pin should locate on the case and the release pin should be in its home position at the edge of the strap.


The watch is fitted with a Japanese made Miyota quartz movement. This is an extremely reliable movement accurate to +/-20 s/month under normal conditions.


The battery life is expected to be 3 years under normal conditions. Type of battery SR621SW or equivalent.

To replace the battery remove the 4 screws in the rear casing to access the movement. Remove the existing battery, noting the orientation, and dispose of responsibly.

Insert the new battery ensuring correct orientation. It is recommended that battery replacement be completed by a trained technician to ensure water resistance is maintained. Water damage as a result of improper replacement of the battery will not be covered under warranty.

Water Resistance

All Element24 watches are water resistant to 5ATM. So what does that mean? Well  if you get caught out in the rain all is well, but don’t go swimming or diving.

Where do you ship to?

We ship internationally, which is included free when purchased directly. When you place the order, you will receive a tracking number when the item is dispatched. Orders will be sent by UK Royal Mail or DHL depending on your location.

How long does shipping take? Orders are usually processed in 1-2 days. Then delivery usually takes 1-3 days for UK & Europe and up to 7 working days for some International orders.

Delays can be incurred locally when clearing customs. Customs costs are not the responsibility of Element24.

Want to become a Stockist?

We are currently looking for partners to retail our watches in the UK and Internationally. If you love the watches and would like to know more then get in touch. Some details about your store or shop would be great to begin with.