Sapphire Crystal

Super hard and highly scratch-resistant

Sapphire crystal is 9/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness.  Just for reference, diamonds are 10.  It’s nearly twice as hard as standard glass.  In practical terms, that means it’s almost impossible to scratch, unless you happen to carry a bunch of diamonds in your pocket. Most watches have mineral glass (5/10 on the Mohs scale) that’s easy to scratch.

Element24 watches all feature sapphire crystal lenses which means that they will maintain their original clarity indefinitely.

316L Stainless Steel

Aviation Grade Quality

Watches can be made from a variety of materials. We know this more than most. But the main thing that determines the credibility is the case material. The mark of a quality watch is to have a case made from 316L Stainless Steel which the Element24 watches have.  This is a grade that is magnetic and particularly corrosion resistant meaning that it will not oxidise over time.


Physical Vapour Deposition

Physical Vapour Deposition, known as PVD, is a chemical process used to coat parts with a high performance protective layer, only microns thick.  It is applied using a special process where the parts are put in a vacuumn chamber with a gas vapour mix of carbides, nitrides, borides and silicides where they bond to the watch parts.

The tolerances needed in PVD coating are high so it translates into the finishes being expensive.  But to get grey/black components there really is no other alternative as the finish is incredibly durable.


The traditional choice

Leather is a widely used material, that can be used in many ways.  We have selected a very simple calf leather, with a very fine grain.  The leather is un-stitched and bonded to make the strap.  This gives a much cleaner look and suits the aesthetic of the whole watch.  The leather will wear, and increase in character with age, developing a unique patina that truly reflects the lifestyle of the wearer.


Italian made quality

Alcantara® is one of the key material choices on the Element24 watch.  It is the original synthetic microsuede made in Italy used in a wide variety of applications including clothing, furniture and automotive.  The most common use for the material is in luxury sports cars and motoryachts.

The look and feel is perfect for watch straps though as its very soft, whilst being hardwiring and stain resistant. Find out more about Alcantara® on their website.