Five years ago we decided to design and produce a great wooden watch.  Wooden watches were not a totally new idea and there were a few around; but we couldn’t find any we liked.  Most of the examples we found felt compromised.

We began to design our own, against our own design goals.   The watch had to find the right balance in working with organic materials with highly accurate precision engineering processes.  We wanted to keep the design as simple as possible: this allowed the unique and tactile characteristics of the materials to be the focus.

We had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve and, after choosing the right movement, we designed everything from scratch.  At no point were we going to ask a generic watch supplier to re-brand an existing design with our logo.

During the development process we discovered that making a wooden watch using the same construction as that of a metal watch is not good enough.  The design of every component needs to be considered to see which material is best for its intended use.  We wanted the watch to be enhanced by using unusual materials, not compromised by them.  By applying this kind of process to every component with many concepts and samples we arrived at something quite special.

We ended up with a unique wooden watch that had a game changing specification.  It was fully water resistant to 5ATM.  The wooden components weren’t load-bearing so they were free to expand and contract without cracking.  The components were held together with marine rope, using a bespoke machined stainless steel buckle that had just the right ‘click’

These watches did not make production, but we learnt so much about the formula we wanted to follow in future products.  Read more on the Kickstarter site.

Take a look at our original Kickstarter Campaign!


The specification of the watch was fairly demanding.  There were three main qualities that we required:

  • Durability

  • Simplicity

  • Performance

“True wooden watches are few and far between, but even fewer are those that really cast a lasting impression”